How to write a blog introduction

How To Write A Killer Blog Introduction – 7 Best Tips

First, you are not alone in this vast madness of writing a compelling blog introduction. Hence, what do you need to do to stand out among them? Of course, you ought to be different from them. 

And when I say different, it means more confident, more true to your audience, and more reliable than others. Your audience is your priority, and they can feel your trueness in the first sentence of your blog. 

And writing an introduction is not easy, whether it’s a blog or anything else. It takes a lot more effort than you can imagine. hence, it’s way more important to research your target audience. And when the topic itself is about “how to write a blog introduction,” you can understand my pressure. 

So, do you trust me? Can you feel that I’m not just blabbering but trying to make you believe you can trust me? 

Hence, to make this article more meaningful and profound, let’s learn thoroughly how you can write a killer blog introduction. 

How To Write A Blog Introduction – 7 Tips

Writing a blog introduction is like putting the whole book into the first few lines. It’s challenging and may require so much of your working energy. But trust me, the results will satisfy your thirst for writing a good blog introduction. 

So, let’s start it. 

1. Use a friendly approach. 

The main point you shouldn’t forget when writing a blog introduction is that it’s not a research paper or a book. So, keep in mind, here, your primary target is to interact with your reader as freely & friendly as possible. 

Hence, when writing, be extra careful not to give your reader a distant vibe. For instance, I’m sure you have read a blog where the writer gets overly professional and ends up maintaining a distance. Would you like that? No right? 

Your main goal should be to make your reader fall for your words. However, a writer who doesn’t know when to keep the boundary and when to break it can be a dangerous one. What do you say? 

2. Use the power of storytelling. 

It doesn’t matter what you write; storytelling is essential for every kind of writing. It is the essence that keeps alive the light of your words. And the crucial thing is it enhances the flow of your words to reach your reader’s heart directly. 

However, don’t get confused between a story and what’s storytelling. What I’m referring to is the process of conveying your messages and words in an engaging and interesting way. And it doesn’t always have to be a story. 

Let me clear to you, among the hundreds of articles you glance at every day, how many of them hook you up? Probably less than your expectation, right? Well, that’s the power of storytelling or the magic that spells its readers. 

3. Build up the environment 

As a writer, you know how difficult it gets to start the first line of your article, let alone the rest of the paragraph. And it becomes even more challenging to start building the environment from the very first beginning. 

However, if you want to slay your blog introduction, you have to build an environment of curiosity and excitement. And it’s no less than creating a world of words. 

For instance, suppose you are writing about “how to make the best Christmas cake”. Your target here should be to excite your reader’s imagination into thinking about how they will celebrate their Christmas with the cake and the beautiful moment they’ll create thanks to the cake. 

4. Ask them questions 

One of the easiest and most creative ways to approach a reader’s mind is by asking them questions. Because you know, when someone asks a question, the mind always tries to find the answer. Hence, starting your opening paragraph with an intriguing question can make your statements more attractive.

However, when asking a question, don’t forget there are many types of questions. And some don’t need an answer because the answer becomes obvious in the question. But if you ever ask anything that requires an answer, don’t make the mistake of not providing a reasonable one. 

For example, take the question I’ve asked in the first paragraph of the introduction. You are reading this until now because I’ve fulfilled your query there. Or else you would have skipped it beforehand. Won’t you? 

5. Identify the problem 

Don’t get messed up with all the tips and tricks that you end up committing the worst mistake. And that is not acknowledging the main problem. Your readers are here for your help, and you know how people nowadays have become impatient. They want the solution as fast as possible. 

Therefore, don’t make them go wild and lose interest in your article. Hence, to avoid this, it’s critical to confront the problem in your blog introduction and make them believe that you know the problem and its solution very well.

6. Use the emotions of your readers.

Understanding what your readers want from you is the most important thing as a writer.  And once you know the secret, you can use this instead in your blog introduction to attract your readers. 

Intriguing your reader’s emotions can pave the way for you to reach their heart. And this list includes emotions like excitement, frustration, empathy, desire, etc. 

For example, when you say, “Can’t decide where to go for this year’s holiday vacation?”  in the introduction of a travel blog, you’re intriguing the reader’s emotions of excitement and frustration.  As a result, your reader will likely read your article further unless he finds his answer. 

7. Promise to solve their problem  

Everyone wants assurance in life, whether it’s a life-changing decision or just reading a blog for a few minutes. Hence, if you can assure your readers in the introduction that your article will solve their problem, they will likely invest their time in you. 

Moreover, the primary goal of your article is to give your readers the answer they want in the most engaging and outstanding way possible. So, when you write your blog introduction, promise to fulfill their query in the first place. 

It can be words like- “Don’t worry, you are in the right place, or We’re here to solve your problem.” 

Tips you can’t forget when writing a blog introduction.

  • Don’t be afraid to be bold and confident when writing any blog introduction. Be yourself and trust your process of writing. 
  • Don’t forget to interact with your readers directly. Always think that the person you are talking to is sitting right before you. 
  • Editing is the core of any excellent writing. Edit your writings again and again until you get the perfect copy to satisfy your needs. You can use the tools like Grammarly and Hemmingway for editing
  • You can use helpful quotations to enhance your words more beautifully and confidently.
  • Saying something unusual in the first line can grab your reader’s attention in the first place. It can challenge their beliefs, and you can catch them off-guard. 
  • Don’t forget the structure of your introduction is the foundation of it. Hence, don’t be silly to ignore it. Creating an outline for a perfect blog is very crucial.

Why are blog introductions critical? 

Introductions serve as the mirror of your whole writing piece. It reflects the style of your writing and how much effort you’ve put into it. Nonetheless, it’s to hook your reader’s attention at first glance and tell them that it’s worth their time. 

However, most importantly, it also reveals your capability as a writer and how much power you hold to keep engaging your readers. 


Ahh! It’s been an incredible journey; what do you say? I’m sure now you have a comprehensive idea about writing a blog introduction that can make you scream. So, don’t wait any longer; just go and practice your skill. 


Q. Why should we write a killer blog introduction?

The first thing a reader reads in your article is your introduction. Hence, an interesting introduction is necessary to keep them engaged throughout the article.  

Q. How to start a blog introduction?

You can start the first line of your blog introduction by aiming a question toward the reader or saying something shocking. It’ll hold them for a long time.

Q. Can I write a good blog introduction?

Of course, yes. A good blog introduction depends mainly on your writing ability and your reader’s taste. Hence, before writing, don’t forget to know who you are writing for. 

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