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Welcome, wordsmiths! You’ve stepped into a realm where content writing are broken down into digestible, enjoyable nuggets. Ready for a dash of humor and storytelling to spice things up? 

Here, you’ll find copywriting is far from intimidating—it’s exhilarating. Together, we’ll transform your words into potent magnets, drawing in attention and engagement like never before. 

So are you prepared to dive deep into this captivating adventure? Strap in, because it’s going to be one memorable ride!


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Ranjan Roy

Ranjan Roy

Hey there! I’m Ranjan, the owner of CopyTopy. 

I’m a copywriter who’s also engaged in helping newbies learn skills. I’ve been doing copywriting for businesses for over 2 years, but every day, I still learn new things. 

And that’s what interests me: working with new businesses in different industries.

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