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Is Blogging Profitable in 2023?

Recently one of my friends asked me – “Is blogging profitable in 2023?” I could have answered him directly, but that would not help. Hence, I wrote this blog.

Blogging is undoubtedly one of the best ways to make money writing online. It has helped many individuals start their careers by working from home. With an internet connection and good writing & SEO skills, you can reach millions of people across the globe by blogging. 

But the fact is, blogging was quite easy before a decade when there wasn’t much competition and complicated Google algorithms. So, is blogging still profitable to start in 2023? Can you make a living with blogging?

Well, the answer is yes. 

Even though there’s a huge competition and so many complicated SEO algorithms, blogging can still get you a good amount of money. Hence, it’s still profitable in 2023.

Personal Tip: Blogging is still profitable, but you must keep yourself up to date about content creation, algorithm updates, recent trends in the market and other vital things. 

Hence, my suggestion would be to read books from the best writers, research your competitors’ blogs, and experiment with new techniques for content writing and SEO practices.

Why is blogging profitable?

Blogging was a profitable way and is still doing the same in 2023. Do you know why?

Because it doesn’t require much investment and high-quality skills. All you need is a laptop or desktop with good intent connection and writing skills with the very basics of SEO knowledge. 

As for the other important things, you can learn them from YouTube tutorials and many helpful blogs online.

How to make money from blogging?

Blogging has multiple options to generate revenues from it. Currently, I’m using affiliate marketing to monetize my CopyTopy blog. 

Here are the 5 best ways you can earn from your blog. 


Google Adsense is one of the most common ways you use to monetize your blog. You can place ads on your website and earn money every time the audience clicks on them. However, as a blogger, you can also work with brands to create sponsored content and earn money for promoting their products or services.

Affiliate Marketing

This is the fastest way to monetize your blog. With affiliate marketing, you can promote products or services of different companies and earn a commission for every sale made through their unique affiliate link. 

Personally, I promote Amazon products and some services like Grammarly


You can use your blog as an e-commerce platform to sell products or services. For example, a blogger who writes about health and wellness can sell supplements or workout plans through their website.

Sponsored posts

Many bloggers also earn money by creating sponsored posts. This is when a company pays a blogger to create content that promotes its products or services. Bloggers can charge a fee for these posts or earn a commission on sales made through their content.


Blogging can also be a way to establish oneself as an expert in a particular field. Once you have built a strong following network and reputation, you can offer consulting services to businesses and individuals looking for advice or guidance in their industry.

Final thought

Blogging can be a profitable way for a content writing career. By creating valuable and engaging content, you can earn both money and people’s support. Building a good audience network should always be your first priority.

However, it’s worth mentioning that, like any other business, a blogger’s success depends on the effort and dedication they put into it. You have to work consistently with patience and motivation.

Besides, the more authoritative & trustworthy content you’ll publish, the better your blog will rank and get genuine followers. I hope you’ve found the answer to your question- is blogging profitable in 2023 or not?


Q. How can I monetize my writing skills?

There are many ways to monetize your blog. You use methods like;
Google Adsense,
Affiliate Marketing
Selling online 
Sponsored posting
Providing consulting service.

Q. Can you make a living as a writer?

Yes, you can make a living through blogging. But you must work consistently and properly to establish your blog in today’s competitive market.

Q. How much do bloggers make per 1,000 views?

If you consider revenue considering Google Adsense, you can get 2-5$ per 1,000 views. However, if you are doing affiliate marketing, e-commerce and sponsored posts through your blog, you can earn much more.

Q. Do beginner bloggers make money?

If you’ve started a completely new blog with a new domain, it will take some time to monetize because new blogs take time to reach the audience. However, if you already have a huge follower, your blog may get monetized early by Adsense or affiliate marketing. 

Q. Is it easy to earn from blogging?

It’s not easy to make money online. Blogging requires you to have good knowledge of content creation, SEO, web designing and development, and other essential aspects. Besides, you need to work consistently with proper management.  

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