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10 Types of Content Writing You Yould Learn in 2023

Writing is a form of art through which you can deliver your thoughts, imagination, and even the things you can’t say. However, to say its usage in the working industry, written content has become an integral part. It is one of the major facts that has developed and shaped itself over time and technology. 

We can’t deny the rapid growth of video-based content. But nothing can beat the audacity and grandness of various types of content writing. And in the recent era, with creativity at its peak, content writing has become a stage with various opportunities. It has spread its petals in different forms of writing, where each one is unique and special. 

In this article, I’m here with 10 content writing types you should know about. But before we start, let’s get a short glimpse of what content writing is. 

What is content writing? 

Simply put, anything in written form on the internet is content writing. And it is generally used by marketers to showcase the value of their business, and it’s a way to reach their customers. 

10 Examples Of Content Writing 

1. Blog Post Writing

Blog post writing is one of the core types of content writing that exists today. A blog post is an article published on a particular company or brand’s website. And to write a perfect blog, you must create its outline first. However, the term “blog” refers to a collection of a few blog posts in the website’s blog section. 

Moreover, it is one of the most creative things you can work on to attract your audiences. A blog post can be friendly and informational without being rigid and stoic at the same time. And most importantly, you can open yourself to your readers and share your thoughts.

What’s more! Blog posts work exceptionally to improve your SEO ranking. In addition, it’s proved that if you maintain a regular blog post, your website or sale is bound to bloom. 

2. Web Content Writing

If you are a content writer, you must be aware of the demand for web content writing. For example, you might have noticed nowadays, every small or big business owner has their own website. But have you ever thought about who wrote for their website’s crucial information? 

Well, it’s the web content writers who write about everything you see on a website’s page. Their work includes writing about FAQs, the home page, product or service descriptions, posts targeting audiences, etc. Additionally, web content writing always focuses more on your audience’s preferences, keywords, and SEO guidelines. 

3. Social Media Post Writing

Yes, social media posts simply mean social media posts! It’s not something extraordinary or out-of-the-world thing. And I’m sure most of us use social media platforms more or less and have an idea of what social media posts are. So there you go; unlike you, any big or small company can use its posts to attract viewers. 

However, don’t take this task lightly. Writing a social media post that reflects the company or brand’s position, insights, and products is not easy. It is a combination of creating something not too heavy yet not so light that it won’t affect its viewers. 

For example, while scrolling through your social media account, I’m sure you have noticed a brand’s advertisement or promotional post somewhere. Did that catch your eye, and you kept digging their post? Well, that’s how a brand’s social media post focuses on a target audience and grabs their attention.  

4. Copywriting

Among the different types of content writing, copywriting is more about the power of your writing. Now, what do you understand by the power of writing? It can be something revolutionary, disastrous, influential, or provocative. However, to be precise, in the content marketing field, copywriting is more about being provocative and persuasive. 

It is an art combined with some scientific tricks that can encourage a man or your audience to buy something you are selling. For instance, if you go through any travel website and read about a short paragraph, you’ll notice something unusual is attracting you. It’s the power of their pitch that’s luring you to think about the trip and buy their tour package. 

Hence, you can think of copywriting as one of the most fun and creative types of writing on the list. So, are you thinking of becoming a copywriter? Try practicing your writing style now. 

5. Email & Newsletter Writing

Compared to any other type of writing, email writing is much more simple and easier. This is because it focuses mainly on being respectful towards your customers and providing the information or message as simply as possible. Moreover, email writing lets you directly reach your customer inbox, which is a great way to target a customer. 

Still, confused about what email writing is? You can check your inbox, and I’m sure you’ll notice it somewhere in there. Read it carefully to know how it works, and you can also learn from it. 

Another important thing about email and newsletter writing is that it’s generally sent to people who are already interested in you. Therefore, getting regular emails & newsletters from your desired brand or website can increase their sale.  

6. Ebook & White Paper Writing

We now live in a time where we can get anything digitally, such as food, daily necessities, and even books. Ebooks are generally books that we can read digitally after buying them online. For instance, I’m sure you’ve heard about Kindle. Yes, it’s an ebook-reading & writing platform where you can buy or download your favorite book. 

Moreover, ebooks or white paper writing is also a great way to provide your audiences an in-depth knowledge about something particular. You can also use it as a marketing technique to reach more serious and sincere customers. 

And what distinguishes ebook writers from other types of content writers is that ebook writing is more about being editorial. They provide knowledge without being promotional. 

7. Technical Writing

Technical writing is one of the most difficult types of writing you can find on this list. And you can guess by the name that it’s about technical things. It is also one of the most demanded content writing services recently. However, do you want to know why we call writing difficult and challenging? 

It is mainly because it involves topics like finance, healthcare, chemistry, technological products, or scientific things. Hence, you can guess the consequences of writing something inaccurate in this type of writing. However, don’t worry; you can master this writing style if you have enough knowledge about your niche. 

8. SEO Content Writing

Do you want your website or content to be on the top of Google search engine results? Who doesn’t, right? In that case, your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) skills are the most important thing you need to focus on. 

In SEO content writing, you must ensure that your content is relevant to your audience and as simple as possible. Meanwhile, they focus more on keywords, meta descriptions, and attractive headlines. In this type of writing, the reader is always the first priority. Hence, the content is always reader-friendly, with catchy lines and proper structure. 

9. Case Studies

Case studies are among the top 10 content writing services you should know about. It is a type of research work where you prove to your audience that the service or product you are selling actually works. You try to convince your customers through detailed information or studies that people have liked your products or solutions. 

As for the benefits, case studies can help your brand get more attention and make it more trustworthy. For example, suppose your company sells hair oil that prevents hair fall. When you show a case study of how people have actually used your product and benefitted from it, it’ll make your brand more reliable. 

10. UX Writing

UX writing is a type of copywriting that helps users or readers to understand more clearly, mainly through instructions or descriptions about the product. UX writing is one of the fastest-growing and most liked content writing services you can consider about. 

In the case of UX writers, they usually get involved in the design period and work alongside UX designers. Their work includes writing about particular product details or the steps to purchase. 


With all the information provided above, we hope you now know what content writing is and its types. It is a vast stage of career opportunities that come in different forms, not only the ones we mentioned above. It’s more than that, and the choice is yours, which one you would choose. 


What are the stages of content writing?

1. Research the topic and keywords.
2. Create the outline.
3. Write your first draft.
4. Proofread and edit.
5. Finally, publish and promote.

What are the 4 pillars of content writing?

Good content must have some specific elements. Make sure your content has these four pillars.
1. It has to be original.
2. Relevant to the topic.
3. Engaging with the audience.
4. And well researched.

How can I practice content writing?

First, you should have good writing skills. After that, you need to learn research and marketing because this will help you write for a target audience. And you learn these from online sources like blogs, YouTube, free courses, books and others.



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