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10 Useful Tips For Content Writing

What if I say content writing is not as difficult as you think?

Well, it’s true. Writing a good piece of content requires nothing but a little effort. Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced, your primary concern as a content writer is always driving more audience and turning them into customers.

And to support your back, I have explained the top ten tips for content writing you can apply to see positive results. These tips are widely regarded and found really helpful.

So, let’s see how you can improve your content writing.

10 Effective Tips For Content Writing

Writing content that can easily resonate with your audience is not an easy task. It requires following some best practices and research. But to master content writing, follow these content writing tips that Hubspot, SEJ and other renowned organizations even accept. 

Understand Your Audience First

Believe it or not, the audience is always the first priority; even Google prefers people-first content. Therefore, before you start writing a piece of content, research your target audience; what they like, dislike and their pain points. This would help you create your content much more helpful for the users.

Always remember– the better you understand your audience, the more helpful your content will be. And if you know about the Google Helpful Content Update, you might realize how important it is.

Write Original and Unique Content

What if you see almost or exactly the same content on several websites? Would that be good for users and search engines? The answer is, obviously, no. 

People do not like eating the same food every day. And the same goes for Google not liking duplicate or copied content. 

Hence, always try to write your content differently than others haven’t done. Although it’s not entirely possible, you can make your content unique. The way you’ll represent your content should be your own.  

Optimize Your Content for SEO

A well-written content often becomes useless due to the lack of search engine optimization. Search engines like Google drive millions of traffic to websites. And if you fail to optimize your content with proper keywords and searcher intent, it will lose those users looking for answers from search engines.

This is the reason why you should not skip your web content (blogs, landing pages, etc.) from search engine optimizations.

Create a Compelling Headline

Writing an attractive headline is one of the most crucial tips for content writing. A headline is what comes first in the audience’s eyesight. So if you can make it match what the users are looking for, they’ll visit and read your content.  

You can use emotions, creative touch, and other best practices to write a compelling headline or title. In addition, you can use the Headline Analyzer, a useful tool from CoSchedule.

Create a Hook with One Single Goal

If you want your audience to read the entire article, don’t forget to create a hook. However, the best place to write a hook is the introduction. You can place it in the very first line or somewhere in the introduction that takes less than 3 seconds to read.

This will make your audience crawl down to the first point and ultimately finish the complete article.

Look at Your Language Tone 

Trust me; language matters the most. Very average content can become a top performer only if it has good language that keeps the audience engaged with it. 

Understand the topic and audience to choose a tone perfect for the particular content. Moreover, since ordinary people read like 7-8 grade students, make the sentence as easy as possible to read. 

Besides, add a touch of personal voice to connect with your readers easily. This will result in getting positive responses from the readers through comments, social sharing, and referrals. Apart from that, you can also turn the audience into customers.

Add Multimedia for Better UX

Sometimes words are not enough to convey your message to the readers. It’s better to use images, infographics and video files that can help your audience correctly understand what your content says.

For example, you’re writing technical content on “how to install windows update”. In this case, it’s much better if you add some step-by-step screenshots to your content. Because the reader may not understand what you write, instead, the images can become very helpful.

Add a CTA 

First of all, CTA doesn’t always mean making a speech about purchasing or signing up. It simply implies asking your audience to take action after reading the content. And this could help you turn your audience into regular visitors or customers by engaging with them. 

In blog posts, you can add a CTA about making comments, sharing the article, or checking out other posts. Apart from that, you can also ask the audience to click through an affiliate link.

Proofread & Edit 

Proofreading and editing are the most underrated tips for content writing. Submitting the article without a 2nd time revisit can harm your writing engagement. You must proofread and make necessary edits to give your content a perfect shape.

Always remember that the first draft can never be the final draft. If you publish the content without rechecking, your readers may not like it because of misinformation, lack of quality and many more.

Share and Get Feedback

This is my personal method to improve content writing. And I’d suggest every content writer follow the same. 

Before you publish the content, you don’t know how the audience will like it. Hence, to make things clear, share the article with your co-workers or those involved in content writing. Observe their feedback and make changes if required. 

This is how your content will become much better.


Writing content is hard but not impossible. If you stick to the best practices in every situation, there’s no hold back to becoming a good content writer. And I believe the tips mentioned above for writing content will be helpful throughout your writing career.


What are the key skills for content writing?

– Understanding the audience,
– Grammar and Vocabulary
– Creative Writing
– SEO and Content Strategy
– Research Skills
– Proofreading & Editing.
– Google communication skills.
These are the common skills you should have to become a content writer.

What is the biggest challenge for a content writer?

There are so many challenges for a content writer;
– Writer’s block
– Huge competition
– Meeting deadline
– Research
– lack of work
– Client’s demand
– AI automation

How can I be good at content writing?

First of all, you must have good writing and research ability. Then, apply for internships to learn skills like SEO, using different tools and how the industry works. Then, once you get to experience, apply for freelancing or part-time/full-time job opportunities.

What is SEO content writing?

Optimizing your content with keywords for Search Engines (Google, Bing, etc.) is called SEO content writing. This will make your content/article appear on search result pages when people look for those particular keywords.

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