Difference Between Copywriting and Content Writing

There’s a slight difference between copywriting and content writing. Content writing shares information to help the audiences. But copywriting aims to persuade the readers into taking an action such as buying a product, subscribing to the newsletter, or anything else. Due to a lack of knowledge, some newbies might get confused about their difference.

Well, frankly speaking, I was also the same in my earlier days. Content writing and copywriting are not the same. Each carries a different purpose for marketing and audience. While both of them are essential for business, it requires a keen observation about when & where to use each of them. 

Copywriters play the role of creating effective copies, which you can see in – ads, emails, website landing pages, and other places. These copies help businesses transform their target audience into customers to generate revenue.

Content writers, on the other hand, create mostly informational content like – blog posts, ebooks, white papers, etc. These contents help brands to engage with the audience. Now let’s see the differences in detail.

What is content writing?

As a content writer or copywriter, I’m sure you already have a general idea of what content writing is all about. However, let me break it down for you in a more friendly way so that you can easily understand the difference between copywriting and content writing.

Content writing is all about creating written pieces to educate, inform, and engage your target audience. It’s about taking complex subjects and breaking them down into bite-sized pieces that are easy to understand and enjoyable to read.

Think about blog posts, articles, social media posts, product descriptions, and more! Your goal as a content writer is to make sure that the words you write accurately reflect the brand’s message while also grabbing and keeping the reader’s attention.

So, whether you’re a seasoned content writer or just a new runner, your role plays a crucial part in the world of digital marketing. You help brands to research their target audience by creating those captivating pieces!

Examples; there are different types of content writing; here are some examples. 

  • Blog posts
  • Ebooks
  • Case studies
  • White papers
  • Infographics
  • Newsletters

What is copywriting?

I bet you’ve heard of copywriting before, but now, I’ll explain it in a very simple way.

Copywriting is all about writing to persuade the audience to take a specific action. However, that action can vary, for example, purchasing products, signing up for a newsletter, or downloading a free resource.

As a copywriter, your job is to highlight a product’s or service’s benefits and build trust with your audience. Copywriting requires a very keen knowledge and experience in crafting words carefully, using persuasive techniques to make the reader feel like they must have the product or service.

So, if you’re looking for a type of writing that’s all about impact and influence, copywriting is the thing for you! However, keep in mind; copywriting requires very deep knowledge of researching your target audience

Examples; Here are some examples of copywriting.

  • Ad copies (online & offline)
  • Email marketing copy
  • Sales page
  • Landing page
  • Website copy
  • Taglines, etc. 

Difference between copywriting and content writing

While some content writers think if they could shift in copywriting, it’ll make them more money. It’s for sure that copywriting offers more bucks, but more money requires more knowledge, experience and risk. 

Let’s see it in detail.

Difference between copywriting and content writing

Job difficulty

While content writing needs a lot more time in writing, a copywriter’s time goes into thinking, researching, and generating creative & effective words. So in a sense, you can say that a copywriter’s job is much more flexible and comfortable. 

But, we should always remember that the copywriter is directly responsible for the conversion rate since the copy shares the message with the audience. 


While doing a content writing vs. copywriting comparison, experience matters from the very beginning. Anyone with good writing ability can become a content writer. But not everyone with good writing skills can become a copywriter. Do you know why?

Being a copywriter means you have to know things about marketing, human psychology, and, most of all, how to persuade the target audience.  


The major difference between copywriting and content writing is their payment. In terms of charges, copywriters get better payments. Well, it’s because of their direct role in marketing campaigns and sales that pay more money to copywriters. 

what is the difference between copywriting and content writing
Copywriting vs Content Writing by Neil Patel.

Content writing vs. Copywriting – Which one is for you?

While some writers think they should shift or start copywriting instead of content writing, it will give them more money. But surprisingly, that’s not the case. Both copywriting and content writing are equally good enough in their perspectives.

Besides, the demand for the two different writers is equally similar. So in my personal viewpoint, if you’re a new performer in writing online and make money with no experience, start content writing. 

It will allow you to learn many things related to the market, industry and your job. Then gradually, once you’re skillful enough, apply for copywriting opportunities. 


So finally, the comparison between copywriting and content writing ended. While copywriting aims to persuade the reader to act, content writing focuses on educating and engaging the audience. Both are essential for businesses but require careful consideration of when and where to use each.

I hope this article helped you understand the difference between copywriting and content writing. If you’re satisfied with my blog, get yourself ready for writing. 


Is content writing the same as copywriting?

No, content writing and copywriting are not the same. While both are important for businesses, each serves a different purpose and requires a different approach. Content writing focuses on educating and engaging the audience, while copywriting aims to persuade the reader to take action. Understanding the difference is key!

Can a content writer become a copywriter?

Yes, a content writer can surely become a copywriter; even a copywriter can also become a content writer. It’s also great to be doing the two roles by one person. It upskills your expertise and overall writing and marketing experience.

Which is easier, content writing or copywriting?

Whether content writing or copywriting depends on personal skills and preferences. Both types of writing require different approaches and techniques, so it’s all about finding what comes naturally to you. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find your niche. With practice and perseverance, you can become a pro at both content writing and copywriting. 

Which type of copywriting pays the most?

Currently, Email copywriting pays more than any other copywriting. Email campaigns require creative and effective copies that can generate more leads.

What is SEO content writing?

SEO content writing focuses on creating high-quality, informative pieces that are optimized for search engines. Here the goal is to rank well in search results and drive more traffic to a website. As an SEO content writer, you need to understand both writing and search engine optimization well.

Which content writing is in demand?

Social media post content is in high demand. Due to creativity and audience engagement, social media content writing is getting more in demand content writing technique.

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