Best content writing tools for SEO

Best Content Writing Tools for SEO: Top 6

Content writing has become quite easier compared to five years back. We have many useful and fantastic content writing tools to help us improve for better SEO and user experience. And here I’m back with the six best content writing tools for SEO: Surfer SEO, ChatGPT-4, Jesper AI, SEMRush Writing Assistant, Grammarly, and SE Ranking.

Well, before I start talking about the tools, you should know that all of them are very popular and trusted by many well-known writers. And I personally use some of them. Hence, the review is going to be completely unbiased. So let’s see which SEO writing tool is best for you.

Six Best Content Writing Tools for SEO

1. Surfer SEO 

(Best All-Around SEO Content Writing Tool)

Surfer SEO has become the most reliable tool for optimizing content for SEO. The real-time content editor provides invaluable suggestions on keyword usage, content structure, and readability, allowing me to craft articles that perform well in search results. What sets Surfer SEO apart from other tools on this list is its extensive data-driven approach, which helps me ensure that my content is engaging and optimized.

However, some users may find the interface a bit overwhelming at first, especially if you’re new to SEO. But with a little practice, you’ll quickly see the benefits of using Surfer SEO for your content writing needs.

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  • Real-time content editor
  • Data-driven suggestions
  • Comprehensive SEO analysis


  • Slightly overwhelming interface for beginners

2. ChatGPT 4 

(Best AI Writing Assistant + Idea Generation)

ChatGPT 4 has been a game-changer when it comes to generating ideas, refining writing, and enhancing creativity. The AI-generated suggestions are often surprisingly relevant and unique. And what I appreciate most about ChatGPT 4 is its ability to adapt to different writing styles. Compared to the older ChatGPT, model 4’s content remains cohesive and natural.

One drawback, however, is that you need to edit the generated content to ensure it’s free from errors or awkward phrasing. No matter how good the output is, it will require a proper human touch for better SEO ranking. In the end, ChatGPT 4 is an excellent writing assistant that can save you time and enhance your content.

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  • Generates relevant ideas
  • Adapts to different writing styles
  • Enhances creativity


  • May require editing for errors and awkward phrasing

3. Jasper AI 

(Best AI-Powered Content Generation)

You know what! Before ChatPT, Jesper was the leading AI content-writing tool. It’s an AI-powered content generation tool to draft articles, blog posts, and social media updates in no time. The platform’s easy interface lets you input target keywords and desired word count.

Though Jasper AI is an incredible time-saver, it can’t overlap Surfer SEO in content optimization. But you conduct a battle between Jesper and GPT to find the winner between the two. Nonetheless, it’s hard to beat Jasper AI for quick content generation.

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  • Fast content creation
  • Intuitive interface
  • Customizable parameters


  • Limited SEO optimization features
  • Less stylistic adaptability compared to ChatGPT 4

4. SEMRush Writing Assistant 

(Best for Keyword Research and Analysis)

SEMRush Writing Assistant is a great companion for keyword research and analysis. This tool helps me identify the most relevant keywords for my content, ensuring that I’m targeting the right search queries. In addition, with SEMRush Writing Assistant, you’ll get insights on content length, readability, and other SEO-related factors.

Although it’s an excellent tool for keyword research, it lacks the AI-powered content generation capabilities of Jasper AI and ChatGPT 4. Nevertheless, if you want to strengthen your content’s keyword targeting, SEMRush Writing Assistant is a great choice.

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  • In-depth keyword research
  • Readability analysis
  • Useful SEO-related insights


  • No AI-powered content generation

5. Grammarly 

(Best for Grammar and Style Enhancements)

As a content writer, you know content readability is crucial for better engagement and SEO ranking. So Grammarly has been my go-to platform for polishing and ensuring errors-free articles. You’ll get real-time grammar, punctuation, and rephrasing suggestions. Moreover, it helps me a lot to eliminate the passive voice, wordiness, and overly complex sentences.

However, Grammarly has a drawback for SEO writing. It doesn’t offer SEO insights as Surfer does. Despite this limitation, it’s an excellent choice for enhancing the grammar and style of your content.

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  • Real-time grammar, punctuation, and style suggestions
  • Identifies passive voice, wordiness, and complex sentences
  • Helps create polished, professional content


  • Limited SEO optimization features

6. SE Ranking 

(Best for Comprehensive SEO Audits)

SE Ranking is a versatile tool that you can use for conducting comprehensive SEO audits of your content. This tool gives in-depth analysis, including keyword tracking, backlink monitoring, and on-page optimization suggestions. In addition, the competitor analysis feature helps you understand what’s working for other content creators in your niche.

However, SE Ranking has a drawback apart front the SEO insights. For example, you cannot generate content like Jasper AI or ChatGPT 4. But if you’re looking for a comprehensive SEO audit tool, SE Ranking is an excellent choice.

Use SE Ranking for Free


  • In-depth SEO analysis
  • Keyword tracking and backlink monitoring
  • Competitor analysis


  • No content generation features
  • Less focus on writing enhancements

Hey there, friend! Just a quick heads-up: some links on this blog are affiliate links. If you click and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you), which supports me in sharing more content. Rest assured; I only recommend products I truly believe in and have personally tried, as your trust is super important to me. Happy reading!


So that’s it. My top six picks for the best content writing tools for SEO. Each of them excels in different areas. For example, while Surfer SEO is the overall best, GPT 4 could be a good AI writing assistant. On the other hand, SEMRush Writing Assistant and Grammarly together can make your content manually better. So depending on your specific content writing needs, any of these tools can help improve your writing and boost your SEO performance. 

Ultimately you should choose a tool based on your goals and priorities as an SEO  content writer.


What are the benefits of using content writing tools for SEO?

Using content writing tools for SEO can help improve your writing. You can optimize the content for search engines and save time. These tools often provide valuable insights into keyword research, content structure, and readability. Hence they also make your content more engaging and likely to rank higher in SERPs.

Are AI-powered content writing tools worth using?

AI-powered content writing tools, such as ChatGPT 4 and Jasper AI, can be invaluable for generating ideas, refining your writing, and speeding up content creation. While AI-generated content may require some editing for accuracy and coherence, these tools can save time and enhance productivity.

 Can content writing tools help improve my grammar and style?

Yes, content writing tools like Grammarly enhance grammar and style, provide real-time suggestions to correct errors, polish your writing, and ensure your content is professional and engaging. In addition, these tools can help identify passive voice, wordiness, and complex sentences, making your content more readable.

 Do I need to be an SEO expert to use these content writing tools?

No, many content writing tools for SEO, such as Surfer SEO and SEMRush Writing Assistant, are designed to be user-friendly and cater to beginners and experienced users. In addition, these tools often include tutorials and guides to help you understand their features and optimize your content effectively.

 How can I choose the best content writing tool for my needs?

To choose the best content writing tool for your needs, consider your primary objectives, such as SEO optimization, AI-powered content generation, or grammar and style improvements. Then, assess each tool’s features, pricing, and user experience before you make a decision.

Are content writing tools suitable for all types of content?

The tools I’ve mentioned above for SEO content cover different types of content, such as blog posts, articles, social media posts, and more. While some tools may be more specialized in certain content formats, many offer versatile features that can benefit various writing tasks.

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